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Very much part of Leeds FAN is the priority of getting food distributed to where it is needed using the skills, abilities and resources of the national organisation FareShare. FareShare takes food from the food industry and distributes it fairly to different food aid providers. Leeds City Council has provided a year’s worth of funding to enable FareShare Yorkshire to set up fresh operations in Leeds for its first year. Unity in Poverty Action (UPA) will be working hard to connect initiatives that are providing food aid assistance to marginalised people with the FareShare Initiative. Up until the end of March 2015 food providers will be able to access food free of charge for their initiative. Image: Gareth Batty (CEO) talking to Leeds FAN at the Civic Hall about FareShare.

Allocation and Criteria

Fare Share will allocate food according to their own principles and regulations. FareShare will not accept initiatives that want to start up a new substantial form of food provision e.g. a food bank and rely solely on FareShare Produce. Existing food providers are encouraged to have a diversity of distribution streams of which FareShare would be one of them. If an initiative or group wishes to access a small amount of food so it can give out food informally, when signposting service users is not an option, then FareShare would be open to providing food for this function. This type of food assistance can be known as an informal parish/food pantry. Finally if an initiative provides food as an added service, for example an initiative dealing with addiction which provides food at lunchtime, they will also be able to access the FareShare service.

Fareshare ForkliftBelow is a brief paragraph from FareShare Yorkshire describing what it is they do. If you wish to access food produce then please follow the link and fill in the application form http://www.fareshareyorkshire.org/downloads and email to enquiries@fareshareyorkshire.org or if you are interested in more information contact FareShare using the information at the bottom of the page.

Brief description (Gareth Batty, CEO)
FareShare Yorkshire is a charity which redistributes surplus food donated by the food industry. This food which would otherwise go to waste is received by over 123 charities and organisations in Yorkshire who provide meals for vulnerable people.

We are establishing a new FareShare in Leeds spoke depot which will directly provide food related support for charities and organisations in and around Leeds. This project will respond to the increasing food poverty issues in the city and provide a coordinated solution working with local partners and supporters.

Phone: 01226 213255
Email: enquiries@fareshareyorkshire.org