Long Term Provision

It is absolutely essential that everyone who is engaging in tackling food poverty seeks to help vulnerable individuals deal with their longer term needs. In order to do this Leeds FAN aims to value efforts that are already been made by those who are trying to tackle food poverty, to help vulnerable people move forward. Very much part of this is signposting people to initiatives that can help people tackle an addiction, deal with debt and/or unemployment, access training and education, connect to a particular community, access appropriate housing etc…

Leeds FAN aims to stimulate more effective signposting to services that can help vulnerable individuals access longer term provision. Two key parts of this are relaying information to people who are tackling food poverty, as well as providing training events where people can network and hear about initiatives that help people deal with some of the challenges that I have mentioned above.

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Addiction – Education & Training – Mental Health – NHS in Leeds – Debt


Volunteering opportunities which are deliberately designed to cater for vulnerable individuals

Canopy Housing – Canopy is a self-help, community housing project based in inner city Leeds. We renovate derelict houses to create decent homes for people that are homeless. Please follow the link below:


Latch – Latch stands for Leeds Action to Create Homes. We’re a unique charitable organisation that refurbishes derelict and run-down houses in the Chapeltown, Harehills and Burley areas of Leeds. Please follow link below:



Health, Housing and Job Centre

Please return to the front page of the website and click the yellow bar at the top of the diagram for more information on housing, jobs and the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group.


Websites that exist to promote other organisations in the city

Doing Good Leeds – This website is run by Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) and is designed to support third sector organisations


Network Leeds – Christian Community Online. The website aims to give projects & people a voice for all that is happening across Leeds.